Regularly Review and Adjust

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Just like exercising or eating healthy, managing financial habits can be a lifelong struggle. You may always have a desire to splurge on something outside your budget or to put off saving for a later time. Take time every month to review your habits and see what – if anything – you need to change. 


You should also regularly check your credit report, which you can find at Your credit report is one of the most fundamental aspects of your financial picture. You can check it for free once a week, but once a month should be sufficient. Look for any mistakes or red flags and proactively address them.

Remember, as you get older, your personal and financial needs and goals will likely change. That’s OK. You’ll still need the same financial habits to get you where you want to be – no matter where that destination is.


Like working out, building financial habits can take time, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to build up those money muscles. In the meantime, use our educational resources to stay on track.