CDRI Commits to DWD

Dealing withDebt Announces Long-Term Financial Commitment from Consumer Debt Relief Initiative


Today, Dealing with Debt (“DWD”) a new non-profit organization working to build a healthier future and promote nationwide well-being, announced a long-term financial commitment from the Consumer Debt Relief Initiative (“CDRI”).  Problem debt is a major concern to the overall health of the communities and the future of our country and DWD will be committed to addressing and resolving these challenges head-on by supporting individuals through various life stages, offering tools to prevent or resolve debt, and achieve financial stability.

“We are thrilled to earn this vital early financial support from CDRI to ensure we can begin our work of supporting consumers across the nation at all stages of their financial lives,” said Brent Lowder, Chief Strategy Officer of Dealing with Debt.  “CDRI leadership and members have been on the frontlines of helping consumers deal with problem debt for years.  They know it is a growing challenge and care enough about the work we are doing to support consumers in every phase of life to generously support it financially.  It’s a credit to them as an organization, and as industry, to put their money where their mouth is, so we look forward to working with them long-term on this important and impactful effort.”

DWD Media Contact:
Brent Lowder

CDRI Media Contact:
Cliff Andrews