Announcing our Formation

New Non-Profit Organization Dealing with Debt Will Focus on Consumer Support & Financial Literacy


Today, Dealing with Debt (“DWD”) a new non-profit organization working to build a healthier future and promote nationwide well-being, one personal budget at a time. The impact of problem debt extends beyond the financial implications and is a leading cause of damage to relationships, mental health, and physiological wellness. Problem debt is a major concern to the overall health of the communities and the future of our country.  DWD will be committed to addressing and resolving these challenges head-on by supporting individuals through various life stages, offering tools to prevent or resolve debt, and achieve financial stability.

“We are very excited to launch Dealing with Debt, which will support consumers across the nation at all stages of their financial lives,” said Brent Lowder, Chief Strategy Officer of Dealing with Debt.  “Problem debt is a growing challenge and too often the matter is simply seen as a financial matter.  However, it is also a public health issue and DWD recognizes this reality and will address it head-on.  By offering valuable personal support, wellness solutions, and financial tools to all that need it, DWD will deliver on our mission to help consumers solve issues with problem debts and avoid future financial struggles.”

DWD Media Contact:
Brent Lowder